Bruce Kovner’s Top Three Trading Quotes On Trading Best Practices

bruce kovner

Bruce Kovner is one of the most reputable trader and hedge fund manager over the past few decades.

He founded Caxton Associates in 1983 and ran the hedge fund for 28 years before retiring in 2011.

During that period, Caxton Associates grew to become one of the largest and most successful macro hedge fund in the world,

At its peak, the fund had $12 billion in assets, and generated an average net annual return of over 21%.

However, what really made Bruce Kovner famous in the world of trading was the interview he did with Jack Schwager in his must-read book “Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders”.

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Golden Agri-Resources Initiated Strong Bullish Break. Time To Buy?

oil palm plantation

25 Oct 2016

Over the long term, Golden Agri-Resources has been sliding lower persistently within a clear downtrend channel since Apr 2012.

On six occasions over the past 4.5 years, the stock price has always reversed bearishly whenever it came to this key downtrend resistance.

However, there was a breakthrough today.

Golden Agri-Resources has finally overcome this key downtrend resistance line by the market close.

This bullish break was also on the back of a significant surge of trading volume.

Could Golden Agri-Resources be poised to see a further medium to long term recovery from here?

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Traderwave Open Beta Launch – Sign Up A FREE Account And Start Charting Immediately!

Open Door To Future

16 Oct 2016

We are happy to announce that Traderwave has transited from a closed private beta phase to an open public beta mode!

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can now, simply sign up a FREE Traderwave account and start using the full suite of charting tools immediately.

No waiting, no authorization required!


Sign up for a FREE account here


More than one month back when we launched Traderwave in a private beta mode, only specially invited and selected users were given the opportunity to try out our flagship web based technical analysis tools.

Since then, we have gradually onboarded more than 600 beta users in one month and received numerous feedback and suggestions from our beta users on how to improve the Traderwave experience.

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Fintech Start-up Traderwave Announces Participation in MaGIC Accelerator Program


19 Sep 2016

Singapore-based fintech start-up Traderwave is delighted to announce their participation in the Cohort 3 of the MaGIC Accelerator Program.

The largest start-up accelerator program in Southeast Asia, this four-month long program has already got underway on 23rd August 2016, and is scheduled to end on December 8, 2016.

Traderwave is one of the three start-ups from Singapore to make it to this fully-funded residential program that does not take any equity from the selected startups.

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Traderwave Closed Beta Version Is Officially Launched!


In Jun 2015, Traderwave was awarded a $50,000 start-up grant by Media Development Authority of Singapore to develop our prototype.

In Oct 2015, Traderwave was selected as one of the finalists for Best Innovative Startup (Early-Stage) category in the SiTF Awards 2015 by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation.

In Jun 2016, Traderwave stood out among 560 applications across more than 30 countries, to be one of the 50 startups accepted into the largest startup accelerator in South East Asia, the MaGIC Accelerator Program.

And in Sep 2016, after spending one whole year in development , we are finally ready to launch Traderwave’s closed beta version!

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Traderwave – Updated List Of Features

workshop tools

Many current users and potential users frequently ask me for Traderwave’s list of features.

As we are nearly pushing out new features every week, it is hard for us to provide the most updated list of features at any point of time.

As such, I decided to create this sticky blog post to keep everyone updated as we roll out new features along the way.

Check the list below to quickly glance through the latest list of features that we have just deployed, or is in the midst of development.

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The Young Goldman Sachs Managing Director Who Co-Founded A $1.6bn Hedge Fund – Life Lessons From Karim Moussalem


Few people would have imagined Karim Moussalem becoming a managing director in Goldman Sachs at a relatively young age of 29.

But he proved that it was achievable.

No one would have expected him to quit the top global private bank shortly after.

Yet he did.

In 2011 and at the age of 31, Karim Moussalem left Goldman Sachs and co-founded Verrazzano Capital, a $1.6bn hedge fund.

Within a decade of working experience, Karim Moussalem had risen from the bottom of the corporate ladder, to the pinnacle of the investment industry.

How did he achieve such huge success in his relatively short financial career?

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Traderwave Weekly – Why Do Technical Indicators Fail?

Traderwave Weekly by Philip Teo

I’m back with the latest and best trading articles on Traderwave Weekly!

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Why Do Technical Indicators Fail?


Technical indicators are popular for many retail traders because it helps take subjectivity away from them having to make a personal judgement.

It frees traders from having to take responsibility for their decisions whether to buy or sell at any point in time, as the technical indicators should technically tell them what to do.

Many ignorant novice traders believe that technical indicators are the holy grails to profitable trading.

In reality, technical indicators are not even close to being the key factors that affect a trader’s long term profitability.

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Traderwave Weekly – How To Place Stop Loss Like a Pro Trader

Traderwave Weekly by Philip Teo

I’m back with the latest and best trading articles on Traderwave Weekly!

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How To Place Stop Loss Like a Pro Trader


Many novice traders take the topic of stop losses very lightly.

Yet any pro trader that you speak to will likely swear by the importance of this key trading skill.

When you place your stop too near to your entry price, you tend to get stopped out too easily.

When you place your stop too far away from your entry price, your reward to risk ratio suffers.

So where then is the right level to place your stop loss?

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Traderwave Weekly – Everything You Need to Know About Trading With Trend Lines

Traderwave Weekly by Philip Teo

I’m back with the latest and best trading articles on Traderwave Weekly!

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Everything You Need to Know About Trading With Trend Lines


Trend line is one of the most basic and core part of a Technical Trend Trading system.

However, drawing trend lines can be quite subjective and you will only get better with experience over time.

Meanwhile, many novice traders get turned off about learning this art and simply skip to just using lagging technical indicators.

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